Less is More

less-is-more-1-728Less is More:
We are getting ready for our son to move home for a few months and thus needed to do some serious cleaning and rearranging in order to make a room ready for him. It meant cleaning out two rooms, calling a junk removal van, several trips to the trash, good will and working womens wardrobe (gave away some St. John outfits, nearly cried.)  The result, oh my gosh, someone or something made the apartment 25% bigger overnight. I can’t believe how much room we have to move around, how much lighter and brighter our home is.  It feels so wonderful. Even the cats noticed it and have been doing marathon running games.
I realized:
The less physical clutter around me, the more space I feel.
The less I worry, the more abundance and expansion comes.
The less I replay the past in my mind, the more present I am.
The less I attempt to force create tomorrow, the more I have time to appreciate today.
Namaste, Rev. Danielle