I AM Mentorship

I am Mentorship“I AM” Mentorship Private Teaching Program

Offered by Rev. Danielle M. Hewitt,  Founder of the Temple of Light Spiritual Community and Spiritual Director, Publisher of Radiance Magazine,  Host of the radio show Spiritual Wealth, Lecturer, Speaker, Teacher, Private Mentor and Author of her work Spiritual Fundamentals.

Private teachings are designed to address and go deep into the areas of separateness that have been keeping you, the spiritually aware being, from stepping into your destiny.  

Consider book a  Free 30 Minute Consultation to see where you are in your spiritual journey.  The consultation will determine if a Private Teaching Program is right for you or if there is another option which would be more of a match for you. Should a Private Teaching Program be the right choice for you, consider the two following options:

  • 1 hour Personal one on one time booked by you, the student as and when needed. 
  • Create a longer one on one arrangement of student/teacher relationship. A weekly connection with Rev. Danielle will guide you through the awakening to mastery process which is guided by Archangel Michael.  A monthly fee is arranged with each student and regular time of connection is established.  The student takes their ascension process seriously and is willing to commit their time and energy to be guided in the changes in thought processes necessary to gain a Universal perspective on the ways of the lightworker hear on earth. 

In many indigenous cultures, the village Shaman or Holy Man guides the newly awakened healer in the process of learning how to manage their connections and be in the spirit world whilst maintaining a sense of being grounded in the human world.

For those who are newly awakened, or for those who have been awake for a while and are in need of guidance as to the life they are destined to fulfill, Rev. Danielle can act as your guide.  

Whether you are destined to have a healing arts practice, work in the community, be a parent to a future leader or healer, be a writer, artist or speaker, together we will discover and embark you in your Divine purpose here on earth.

Rev. Danielle provides free consultations to find out what might be your next step and if working together is the perfect next step for you. She often advises other courses of action.

Hewitt, Danielle M. Photo e-mail mentor@daniellemarie.me or text 949-244-1960 in order to schedule your free consultation as to whether working with Rev. Danielle is the right next step for you in your journey of discovery.  


Areas of work addressed may be in many or all of the following:

  • Issues with family and friends getting acclimated to the “new you”
  • Your feelings of safety and security and your relationship with finances
  • Tapping into your creativity and seeing how you manifest 
  • Self-Esteem, Self-Worth, Self-Respect, and Confidence
  • How you love yourself and others
  • Blocks you may have in hearing and/or speaking the “Universal Truth” and knowing how to trust the truth
  • Envisioning your destiny and the changes to make in your life
  • Knowing you are a child of the Divine and that your destiny awaits you